Monday, May 28, 2007

Remember Why

Hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend. Please take a moment to remember all who have made this possible. We are so proud of all our troops that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks to you we solute you.Love and God Bless You all!!

Memorial Day Fun

Today my boys were playing at my in-laws house with a slip and slide. They were having a blast playing and having fun. I was watching them at all times they could of easily slipped and fallen and hurt themselves. You need to watch them. Please don't drink and drive tonight. It is really dangerous, especially when you have your kids in the car. Please be careful.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Watch Them Carefully

Just because we are surrounded by our family and friends don't mean that something could happen. At anytime, anywhere someone could take our children. There is not a certain day or certain time but we need to watch our kids so carefully. Our kids are so precious watch them and know their every move. I never leave my kids outside alone I always know where they are and who they are with. With everything going on now and days we NEED to know where our kids are every second.

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Childrens Safety While Swimming

Since this is a Holiday weekend, how are we goning to keep our kids safe from harm. If we decided to go swimming we need to be right beside our kids. They are to quick and they get away from us really fast and we all know that. Stay right beside the kids if they are swimming. If you go into a pool and it is crowded watch them closely. They can drown in the matter of seconds. Please watch over the kids.